Everything That You Need to Know About Integrated Circuits 

If you work in technology or manufacturing, then chances are you have heard about integrated circuits before. Of course, just because you have heard about them does not necessarily mean that you know what they are or how you should be using them. They are essentially circuits made up of a number of different elements and are interconnected in a way that means they cannot be separated. This article is going to go into more detail about integrated circuits, what they are, how they are used, and where you can get them from. 

What Actually is an Integrated Circuit?

This article will start with the more obvious question: what actually is an integrated circuit? A lot of the time, they are actually called chips or microchips. Still, essentially, they are very thin conductors that have many resistors, transistors, and capacitors on them. There are a number of different functions that integrated circuits can have, including but not limited to smart devices, timers, counters, computer memory, and amplifiers. 

The idea behind them was to obtain a complete circuit with many components and connectors between them. They are then placed on a very small piece of silicon. There is no escaping that this was a very clever idea and one that was very much embraced by the tech community and is still embraced to this day. 

Who Invented the Integrated Circuit 

The integrated circuit was invented by a man called Jack Kilby alongside Robert Noyce. Jack Kilby recognized Integrated Circuits and their potential with Robert Noyce. As a result, he won the Nobel Prize as recognition for his work, given that integrated circuits are used very commonly in the modern world, and as such, tech owes a great deal to both Noyce and Kilby. 

Where Can You Get Integrated Circuits? 

It is fairly straightforward to get your hands on an integrated circuit, as many different organizations sell them. That being said, you will want to ensure that you are getting your circuits from the best possible places. Be sure to do your research and check out reviews of different organizations online so that you know you are going to be buying your circuit from a trusted integrated circuit distributor. This will enable you to easily source all the parts you need from reputable sellers and have them shipped wherever you need them.


One of the main features that are seen today in the world of technology and electricals is the integrated circuit. These are also commonly known as microchips, and they are used for a massive range of different reasons and can be found in nearly anything electronic that you can think of, and likely some things that you wouldn’t have even guessed. They were invented by both Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce, who won a Nobel prize for their creation. Because of their applications and uses, many individuals tend to rely on them, and there are many ways people can access them. 

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