Henry Cavill Siblings And Their Ages

Who are Henry Cavill’s brothers? Everything we know about the Superman actor’s siblings

Considered to be one of the most handsome actors in Hollywood, Henry Cavill has no shortage of fans. His Kansas City-wholesome vibes with an English twist paint him to be much like his Superman counterpart — humble, kind, and ever-so-slightly rough around the edges.

With Cavill’s level of fame — whose appeal has reached heights such as James Dean, Cary Grant, and Brad Pitt — comes an expected amount of probing into his personal life. Even as active as he is on social media platforms like Instagram, The Witcher star manages to maintain a certain level of privacy. This only adds to his appeal. On a few occasions, we are given quick glimpses into his private life, be it with a tutorial on building gaming computers or physical fitness advice, but most of the time we are kept respectfully at arm’s length, which, again, only adds to his appeal.

For that reason, when a new bit of info is shared about the Superman star’s life, it feels special and unique. Treats such as these include learning about Cavill’s childhood and what it was like for the actor to grow up as one of five brothers.

In several interviews on shows such as Live with Kelly and Ryan and Jimmy Kimmel LiveCavill has shared what it looked like growing up as one of five brothers, and how the experience was no walk in the park for his parents. If it wasn’t a knick-knack getting broken, it was a bone. And, shockingly, there always seemed to be blood on the walls.

So, who are Henry Cavill’s Brothers?

Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill, born May 5 1993 to Colin Cavill and Marianne Dalgliesh Cavill, is one of five brothers. Yes, believe it or not, there are five more Cavill brothers out there in the world.

Before you start thinking that this is a case of the Hemsworths or the Skarsgards, Henry Cavill’s brothers live much more private lives. For starters, none of them are actors. That begs the question of where Cavill fits into the lineup, and who his mysterious brothers are.

For starters, Henry is the fourth-youngest Cavill brother, but because his brothers live outside the spotlight, their ages have not been confirmed. Figuring who’s who has been an interesting bit of jigsaw work, but we believe we’ve narrowed it down.

The oldest brother is presumably Piers Cavill, a former tank commander and ex-army officer according to The Famous People.

The second oldest is Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill, whose name we are certain of because he is in the Royal Marines Corps serving Her Majesty’s Armed Forces in the UK. Naturally, Niki’s military background blocks a lot of information from being public, so we don’t know much about him other than he’s “a total legend,” according to Henry Cavill via his Instagram.

The brother just above Henry is Simon Cavill, who is four years his senior, making Simon 39 years old as of this writing. He reportedly works in finance, but that remains unconfirmed. Next in the lineup is obviously our very own The Witcher star, followed by the youngest Cavill brother, Charlie. He owns a luxury, coconut-soy blend candle company called Cavill & Wicks.

With these many boys under one roof, it’s no surprise mayhem and destruction followed. In an interview on The Graham Norton Show, Henry Cavill informed Graham that growing up, he and his brothers were “living on the edge of survival.” He corroborated this with a story by telling Graham that one day his dad came home from work to find that the wallpaper in the house had been changed. When he inquired why, Mrs. Cavill simply said, “it’s easier to clean the blood off this wallpaper.”

No punches were ever made to the face though, Cavill said, but in a house full of five young boys and several stairs, more than a few injuries occurred. But despite their childish fights growing up, it is obvious that the actor shares a close bond with his brothers. Back in 2013, when Cavill became DCEU’s Superman, he revealed that regardless of the success he tasted in his career, he remained grounded thanks to his four brothers, “who’ll kick my a** if I get involved in the glitz and glamour.”

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