How to Block Your ATM Card When Lost

Nowadays, loosing your ATM card could be somehow disturbing and stressful as scammers are increasing in number and developing new ways and method to dupe and rip-off people.

I have heard a lot of cases whereby a scammer calls a Nigerian bank account owner to confuse and deceive the person that he/she is calling from the account owners bank and that the account has an issue that should be urgently attended to.

The scammer will then ask for personal information and ATM number, to rectify the issue but because many people don’t know these people are scammers they give them their personal information and in a few minutes, grrr grrr!! (Phone vibrates) A debit alert.

Rushing to the bank at this point might be late and risky as the scammers have many ways to stay anonymous even after duping the account owner and visiting the bank might still cost you another expenses and stressed up whereby you might later end up not being able to retrieve your money.

The aforementioned explanation is for scammers calling the account owner to ask for details, compared to having the details (ATM Card) with him without the need to ask and you end up loosing your money.

Many people have fallen victims of this incident and that’s we have put down a list of codes and method to block your bank account and ATM card incase of any emergency.

USSD Codes to Block your ATM card for all Banks

UBA: dial *919*10#  from the mobile line linked to your account and follow the screen prompt.

Fidelity Bank: dial *770*911# from the mobile line linked to your account to block your ATM card.

IBTC Bank: dial *909# from the number linked to your account.

Zenith Bank: dial *966*911#, enter your account number followed by your mobile number. Press 1 to block your ATM card instantly.

First Bank: This service is called the First Guard, send BLOCK to 30012 via text message to block your First bank ATM card.

Union Bank: Send BLOCK CARD NUBAN to 20123

Keystone Bank: The only option available for Keystone customers to block their ATM card is by calling 23470020003000

Sterling Bank: call 070078378464, explain to them what happened and tell them you want the ATM card to be blocked.

GT Bank:  *737*51*10#

Stanbic IBTC Bank: *909# select my bank and select service request then select block card

EcoBank: text STOP ATM your account Number to 0806326226

FCMB Bank: call+ 2342798800

Access Bank: call +23412802500

Polaris Bank: call+2341270850

Wema Bank: call 08039003700

Knowing how to block your account nowadays is very paramount because should incase you lose your card, running to the bank might be too late especially during the weekend when all banks don’t open.

Please share this post with your friends and family because you don’t know who might be needing it.

Thank a bunch.

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