How to Borrow Money From PalmPay App 2022


Of recent, many people tried to source for extra ways to get instant money to support either their business or their daily life usage, many rather fall in the hand of scammer and thief whose intention isnt to lend them money, rather to steal from the little they have at hand.

So, we now brought you their simple and easiest way to get loan in 2022 from PalmPay Loan App.

PalmPay is one of the leading FinTech apps in Nigeria. With PalmPay, you can carry out almost all major banking transactions, utility bills payment and data subscriptions.

And the good news is that you can not only lend money from PalmPay, but they also offer you an interest free loan whereby you don’t have to worry about paying extra charges when you are about to repay your loan.

As of now, PalmPay is yet to announce their official ussd code to borrow loan,  you can only access their loan services through their app.


Steps on How to Get Loan on PalmPay

Download their app and Sign up

Visit the Google Playstore to download and install the PalmPay official app, launch the app and sign up with your email and verify your phone number.

Add Your Details and BVN

To access the full service of PalmPay, you need to add your details and to get topnotch access and offers, you need to verify you bvn to be eligible to borrow loan and increase your transfer limit also.

Apply For Loan

Once you are done signing up, head over to the finance tab and click on apply. You will need to provide two people’s details including phone number so they can be easily accessed when you are not reachable, preferably family and friends.

Await Approval

After you are done filling your information, submit your request and await your approval in minutes

Withdraw Your Money into Your Account

Once your loan request is approved, you will be able to withdraw the money into your bank account and use it to finance what you need to use it for.

Interest rate

Palmpay loan interest rate is between 5 and 10 percent. You will be able to review your principal and interest on loan before taking it.

Ok card

If your loan is not approved for whatever reason, there’s also another loan offer you can try within the palmpay app.


Click OK card and you will find a loan offer already waiting for you. The backdrop of this is that the maximum amount you can borrow here is 10,000 naira. However the good news is that this is an interest free loan.

USSD code

As Some people may prefer to access this service through ussd code, however as of now, PalmPay is yet to announce their official ussd code to borrow loan,  you can only access their loan services through their app.

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