WarriorPlus Affiliate Program Review – Is WarriorPlus Legit?

Many affiliate marketers choose the WarriorPlus affiliate program when looking for (new) hot products to promote.

The purpose of today’s review is to determine whether this affiliate program/network is truly worth the hype.

This short yet detailed review will answer many questions you may have if you’re considering joining the Warrior Plus warrior affiliate program.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

It is important to understand what affiliate marketing really is before we discuss WarriorPlus’ authenticity.

WarriorPlus is also an affiliate network that connects publishers and advertisers like almost every other affiliate network on the internet.

In the Internet world, affiliate marketing is one of the most common ways to generate revenue for bloggers and other content creators.

In order to understand affiliate marketing in brief, here is an example:

For instance, a guy named ‘George’ is a blogger and has a good amount of daily, organic traffic on his blog.

To start a new revenue means, he decides to sell additional products on his website.

Lack of the right resources makes George decide to sell an advertiser’s product for a particular amount of profit on every sale.The advertisers, on the other hand, get their products sold by multiple means.

This kind of product promotion is called Affiliate Marketing.

WarriorPlus Affiliate Marketing Explained!

The WarriorPlus Affiliate Network specializes in digital products and internet marketing, similar to JVZoo or Clickbank in terms of services and products.

There are tons of products you can buy or promote as an affiliate on this digital marketplace.

They offer opportunities to make money online, either as vendors (selling your products, services, or solutions), buyers, or affiliates.

What Can Your Promote As A WarriorPlus Affiliate?

Digital Products and various make money online opportunities that sound overly sensational.

Most of the products sold on Warrior Plus are online courses or software solutions designed to help digital marketers succeed in the online space.

What Commissions Do You Get With The WarriorPlus Affiliate Program?

The commission rates vary significantly from offer to offer.

On a page of 50 offers, we saw commission from as low as 4% (for a product selling on average at $130) to as high as 36% (for products selling at an average of $44).

Here’s a quick snippet from the Affiliate Offers Page:

The commission is paid out via Paypal or Stripe.

Who Is WarriorPlus Affiliate Network Best For?

We would think newbie affiliates who would like to test out low-ticket products (because they are affordable) and write product reviews. Or a seasoned affiliate marketer who is interested in trying another income stream.

There might, however, be a few hidden gems that could help you generate a real income online.

It’s also known as a great place to launch your own products if you sign up as a vendor because you have access to an instant market.

How To Join WarriorPlus As An Affiliate

Step 01:

To sign up to this affiliate program, visit the following link: https://warriorplus.com/

Click on Free Sign Up (top right-hand corner).

Step 02:

Fill in name, password and email address and click Create Account. To activate the account, verify your email address.

Step 03:

Now choose your primary reason for joining WarriorPlus

Do you want to sell your own products as a vendor?

Or earn money as an affiliate for other people’s products?

Or buy products and services related to online business and marketing?

And that’s it. You’re now part of WarriorPlus. No hoops to jump through to be accepted onto the program.

However, you do have to apply to sell each specific product.

Once you’ve chosen a product you think would suit your niche or target market, you can make a request to promote this product. Click Request Approval.

NB: Approvals can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

We applied for one and were approved on the same day we applied.



How to receive commission as an affiliate earnings

WarriorPlus Affiliate Payment Methods

As an affiliate marketer, you have been provided with many ways to withdraw your commission on WarriorPlus which are as follows:


PayPal is one of the best means to receive payment from WarriorPlus because it offers little to less stress when having to receive your earnings. When you initiate a payment through paypal, it will automatically be deposited into your wallet, little charges might apply.


Another way to receive payment from WarriorPlus is through Stripe. All requested payment to stripe wallet were going to be automatically deposited into the vendors stripe wallet.

What does an offer’s “pulse” mean

Offers on WarriorPlus have a “Pulse” scores, which is an indicators of warriorplus affiliate performance for that offer over the past few months.

A higher “pulse” would indicate more overall activity for an offer, based on the number of different people making sales, as well as some other factors related to overall sales numbers.

Is WarriorPlus legit

WarriorPlus affiliate marketing is legit because many people make enough money to better their career with it. You can at least sign up with them and make your first sales to confirm in your own opinion whether they are legit or not.

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