Top 5 Best Gaming Forums in 2022

Video games are commonly mistaken for creating a socially isolating environment where introverts thrive. To non-gamers, gaming may seem like a solo activity where gamers sit alone for hours performing randomized miniature actions on their screens.

Quite the contrary! What makes gaming very interesting is the large community it draws together. For a long time, gaming forums have been a home for gamers to share their experiences, get clues on beating game levels, and even forge friendships. Gaming forums have also played an instrumental role in developing games and their rise. If you are wondering which gaming forum to join, here are our top five for 2022.

5. Reddit

Reddit brings together people with varying interests under one platform through subreddits. Users can create separate forums to discuss a central topic and freely join the platforms. Gamers can find an array of resources relating to the games they play or other general topics.

The platform also brings a natural flow to conversations with the proper nesting technique. You can post questions and have a series of workable solutions proposed by other users below.  The subreddit r/gaming hosts discussions on video games, card games, and board games. With 34 million members onboard and sufficient active followers, you’ll surely get great company from fellow gaming enthusiasts.

What’s more, Reddit does not have a character limit, unlike other platforms. You can jot down your rambling thoughts and tweak how your text looks using bold, italics, strikethrough, underline, or subscript formatting. You can also rank posts using upvotes and downvotes. This helps when filtering out spam posts. However, critics say this feature downplays genuine posts since the conversations are unmoderated. Furthermore, unlike social media pages, subreddits are unverifiable. Users can easily take control of a top-ranking name, glossing over the authentic inventor.

4. YouTube

YouTube continues to hold a massive stake in the video-sharing market. The franchise has over 800 million videos with a growing number of subscribers daily. Users can upload videos or live stream the action from their screens.

In 2015, Google introduced YouTube Gaming as a separate app for gamers to share and find gaming content. However, the app was shut down in 2019, with Google citing the unsuccessfulness of the app as the reason. YouTube Gaming was then nested within the main site, where users can still access live streams and uploads. The page also features a list of trending videos and subscribed content.

With close to 200 million daily users, YouTube Gaming takes discoverability to the next level with improved searches and tagging to help you keep track of favorites. Each game on the platform has its own page, and new creators get to be featured on the “On The Rise” list. If you’re an emerging curator, you may get your few minutes of fame on the list. On the downside, it can be challenging to separate recorded content from live content on the platform.

3. GameFAQs

GameFAQs could be the Wikipedia of gaming. The platform is a database of hundreds of gaming articles, including reviews, cheat codes, screenshots, and box art, submitted by users in the gaming community.

The website is one of the oldest running gaming forums after its launch in 1995 by Jeff Veasey. Initially, the site shared information on FAQs and game walkthroughs from volunteer contributors. It soon expanded to a site hosting forums and reviews. Aside from an overwhelming game database, the site also includes message boards where users can exchange know-how about games or other gaming interests. The main board hosts conversations on general gaming interests, while users can discuss specific topics on separate game boards.

Furthermore, you can also earn from GameFAQ by curating wholesome and engaging walkthroughs or comprehensive FAQs. The twist is that you must be the first to submit it before another user does. Thankfully, many new games are launched yearly, so why not test your luck?

2. NeoGaf

NeoGaf takes center stage as the supreme executor of moderation. The gaming forum shares all the latest and trending news in gaming, from new releases to in-depth analysis of the industry. The platform also features a marketplace for gamers to trade games and gear.

A common downside for online platforms is having genuine posts over-trolled, which leads to other users missing out on the information being passed out. In a community forum full of trolls and anonymous posters, NeoGaf has a strict moderation policy that can have you kicked out for even oversharing an old meme.

Furthermore, new users joining NeoGaf go through a waiting period before they can reply to a post. You may have to wait longer to become a member and have posting privileges. Although the website has a staggering number of users, NeoGaf assures users of meaningful and candid discussions on areas of interest thanks to its moderation policy.

1. Steam

Steam continues to rise as one of the most trusted gaming platforms. It is well known for giving the PC gaming sector a boost. Users converge on the site to create, play, discuss, and share media about different games. It is also a platform for trading new releases and more.

Moreover, you can find helpful reviews for new games and software before purchasing. The platform features conversations where you can rate other reviews by clicking “yes” or “not.” This voting system helps to filter out spam posts.

The website also hosts creative curators with captivating and insightful posts. Users can search for their favorite authors and keep track of their well-crafted reviews. If you’re uncertain about certain features on the site, you can browse the list of FAQs for insightful guidance.

The intuitive platform also allows you to share your thoughts with other users in the community. You can submit your reviews and mark them as public for global viewership. Furthermore, Steam allows users to post and view content in a preferred language. Just click on the language tab, and a drop-down list will display a variety of languages. If you’re searching for an in-depth chat, Steam features game hubs where enthusiasts of a particular game converge to chat.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our top five best gaming forums in 2022? Are there any other gaming forums we should have mentioned? Let us know in the comment section below!

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