Where to Find the Best Online Games to Play on Your Android

Did you know that mobile gaming is now dominating the industry? With 52% of the market share, it’s the most popular type of digital fun. There are lots of genres (old arcades, shooters, puzzles, etc.). You can play literally anywhere you go because your gadget is always with you. At school, at work, at home, when waiting in a queue…

But if you look closely at this category of virtual entertainment, browser ones truly rock. Your Samsung or other Android-based devices will power up any web-driven option. A no-download principle makes it so enticing both for new and seasoned players. We want to suggest a few places where you can access the best online games. As well as provide some picks of our own to play alone or with friends.

How to Find Cool Entertainment for Free?

Actually, there are lots of options for those wanting to enjoy online smartphone games. But we’ve chosen 3 popular ones to save your time.

  • Google Play. It’s the most obvious place to check: it has lots of apps to download without payment. The only drawback is that they’ll take up some storage space on your device
  • Steam. This platform has a section with the most addictive free video adventures. Just pay attention to the bottom of each title’s cover. It contains icons showing which platform it’s designed for (e.g., PC, mobile)
  • Specialized portals. Some websites are created solely for non-stop gaming. They’re convenient to navigate through: they have lots of categories. Action, platformers, racing, shooting mayhem… You name it! The following examples are among good portals to dive into: KilooKevin GamesGogy

Best Games to Play Online on Android

If you don’t have time to search for cool options, check out the following short list. It features nice web toys to entertain you whenever you need it.

Squid Game

This is a perfect choice if you like nerve-rattling challenges. The mechanics were adopted from a famous Netflix show with the same name. If you’ve watched it, you remember that famous trial with a hair-raising doll.

You’ll enter a big field in a group of other participants. The goal is to get to the other end unharmed. When the music goes on, speed up, when it stops – freeze. Only the most patient ones will reach a safe zone and survive. By the way, you won’t help each other. Although you’re together in this situation, everyone acts on their own.

Happy Eyes

It’s not a 2-player adventure, but it’s still very engaging. All because it’s a mind-tickler, a puzzle to shake up your brain. The gameplay is easy to grasp.

You’ll face a new conundrum in each round (there are over 150 levels). Cute balls with eyes are separated by distance and objects. Your goal is to cut items in particular places to make these cuties collide. When they do, they unite and form a heart, while you get stars.

The adventure has good graphics and a casual soundtrack. It’s a perfect stress-reliever for those who want to unwind. Train your logical thinking and complete even the hardest levels (use tips when you’re stuck).

Cut the Rope

This is also a mind-training option for those who like difficult puzzles. You’ll control a nice green monster who adores sweeties. They hang on ropes, so cut them to deliver the delicacies to its mouth. But don’t do it mindlessly: calculate the trajectory and aim right at the beast’ Make the creature happy!

Atmegame is a portal this toy is published on. But if you want other adventures, scout is pages. It contains the best games to play online with friends on Android or iOS. You can find multiple interactive web-based options. Do you enjoy multiplayer? Check out the category of titles where you can talk to other players online. Your free time, your choice!

Surviv IO

Are you up for an old-school top-down and extremely competitive shooter? You’ll enter the field empty-handed, with bare fists to protect yourself. Grab a weapon, wander around and beat your enemies. Fighting against real people is very hooking. You can pick different modes (solo, co-op, etc.) and struggle for victory alone/with friends.

Wrapping Up

Now you have our recommended top list of the best online games for Android. Try them all or search for a different toy to your liking.

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